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website hosting
Hosting: Where do we keep your website?
In simple terms websites are a collection of linked files which are hosted on a computer called a web server. Different types of server suit different applications depending on the type of your website. To ensure your website is available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year your site will be 'hosted' on a fast and reliable web server based at a state-of-the-art data centre in the US. All sites are 'load-balanced' to boost performance and reliability for busy websites. Dynamic content and interactivity are usually provided by a database. Again, different databases suit different applications and we use mainly the industry-standard MySQL.

Hosting Prices (website & email):
Hosting varies according to a website's requirements and the variety of options available determines the overall costs involved. In all cases there is an initial $50 CAD set-up & configuration for the hosting service for your website. Hosting space is generally limited to 2GB (more than enough for the vast majority of normal business websites) but can easily be increased to allow for larger sites such as those requiring image libraries.

Bandwidth allowance, the data flow to and from your website, is set to be around 5Gb, again, plenty for a normal website. Websites expecting to exceed witther of these will need specific bandwidth packages applied but again this is easily adapted to suit your needs. Basic annual website hosting starts at just $15 CAD per month ($180 per year paid annually in advance).

Our email service provides you with 1 email address on your private domain and a control panel to manage your email accounts, forwarders, out of office notices etc. This is only $5 CAD per month ($60 per year paid annually)

All prices exclude taxes charged at the current rate. For more information please contact us directly!

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