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domain name management
What is a domain name?
A domain name is the unique address that points to a website on the internet. It identifies the location of your website and enables you to have personalised emails such as 'yourname @'.

Domain names can be registered to an individual or to a business and once the initial registration period has elapsed (usually 1 years) they must be renewed. We manage the domain (or domains) for the vast majority of our clients and when a domain is due for renewal, we pay the renewal and invoice our clients. This way you can be sure your domain will never be allowed to lapse and you will not lose your website or email addresses. All domains are controlled by a registry authority. For CANADA it is "The Canadian Internet Registration Authority" (CIRA).

What's in a name - how do you choose?
A multitude of domain name extensions is available although some have limited use, such as .org that is meant for non-profit organisations and .net for network or internet-related businesses. You will need to be flexible in your choice of name because more than 50 million domains have already been registered and there are approximately 20,000 domain names registered world-wide every day! We will handle all domain registrations on your behalf and will register the domain to you so that you are the rightful owner. If you already own a domain we will transfer it to our servers free of charge to be used with your new website as and when necessary. Transferring a domain to our control does not affect ownership.

Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)
Buying your own domain name is not difficult, with thousands of companies offering their services on the internet at a variety of prices. However, like all things in life you generally get what you pay for and there are good and bad companies offering domain registration services. You simply have to be careful. What appears to be cheap now may cost you dearly in the future when it comes to taking ownership or moving your domain name as not all registration companies have the same set of values. Ultimately you will own your domain name for as long as you pay for its renewal. Our domain registration and/or management service will give you complete peace of mind.

Prices - how much should you pay?
Our prices start at $15 CAD for a .com and go up to $50 for .tv. All prices exclude taxes, charged at the current rate and all registrations include a one or two year registration fee (depending on the domain type). If you already have a domain name we can easily transfer it to our servers when we start developing your website. We make no charge for the transfer in to our control.

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