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website design and development
Website Design & Development - what's all the fuss about?
"Extra, Extra read all about it!" While millions of people still rely on their favourite newspaper for keeping up to date with what's going on, it is the perfect example of a static media. Once it is printed, a newspaper can no longer be changed, its type has been set and one will simply have to wait until the next edition to recieve the 'latest news' even if it has broken minutes after the paper has been delivered to your doorstep. Similarly, once a static website has been published it too will not change until the next edition; whenever the webmaster or someone familiar and experienced with code such as HTML, or 'Flash' edits the content for you. A dynamic website, on the other hand, changes all this, and THAT is what all the fuss is about. A dynamic website uses a database to store all the content and links to images and gives you access to edit this content yourself through a Content Management System.

For example an online business directory may allow local businesses to sign up and create profiles for their businesses. Visitors to the site may then search the directory based on their needs for example one may conduct a search for a solicitor in their post code who speaks Spanish, or for a dance school in the area that offers tap dancing classes. The choices and uses are endless.

Development - what will your website do?
Inform : Promote : Market : Teach : Sell : Recruit - the list is endless.

Changes to your business, updates, new ideas, product changes, new services, new information etc., can all be reflected almost instantly on your website. Nothing is cast in stone. Unlike a printed brochure, the beauty of a website is its ability to change and develop as you do. Your business is never static, why should your website be?

Databases - make your website interactive.
A database is key to making your website truly dynamic and interactive and for keeping it completely up to date without repetitive keying.

Whether you're selling a hundred styles of stone flooring and want to display them by type, colour and wear pattern, or you're an Estate Agent with numerous properties that you'd like sorted by location / bedroom / price etc., a database is what makes it all possible and is where it all happens.

Methodology - how do we do it?
Meet : Discuss : Plan : Design : Build : Test : Launch

For a small, simple website this process will take only a few weeks. Larger projects will be determined primarily by the time it takes to agree on a design, prepare the content, commission additional services if necessary (photography, copy writing etc) and have all the elements in place.

Search Engines - how will people find your website?
Having your business cards printed doesn't magically bring in new enquiries, not until you start giving them to people. Websites are the same - until people know you have a website they won't look at it. Behind the scenes your site will be designed to be very visible to search engines and we will submit your website to the search engines manually. You should also consider a Google Adwords campaign to get your website noticed on Google immediately. Alternatively you could consider one of our full-on Search Engine Marketing campaigns

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