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cms content management system
What is a Content Management System, or CMS?
Put simply, a content management system (in website terms) is a website with a back-end administration interface which enables you to create, update and modify the content of the pages in your website. All the websites we develop are built using a highly effective and easy to use CMS which you access direct from your own website. We will setup an Administrator login for you, the website owner, and 'Manager' logins for your staff or designated personnel, to enable then to update and change content. If required we can even enable certain users to access only certain content pages.

What is 'content'?
Content is basically any page on your website which may contain text, images, video, downloads etc. You will access the content through a user-friendly interface which is not dissimilar to what you see in Microsoft Word, with toolbar buttons to change the text style/colour/size etc. and to insert images. Using our CMS is simple but we will train you and/or your staff on the basics of using the system to manage your website's content. Alternatively, we offer a full management service, which many of our clients take advantage of, and means we continue to create, update and manage your website for you, for a small monthly or hourly fee.

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